Hi internet people. I tend to disappear more often than what I would like to, any way, here I’m back reviewing some facial products that I think are totally worth it.

I am a firm believer that is better to have good skin than to neglect its care and cover your face with lots of makeup. In consonance with that, I started using moisturizer with SPF daily when I was 14, and since then my skincare routine has constantly evolved.

With the ”no makeup-makeup” trend on the rise, it seems just even more practical to have a good skincare routine (using 800 make-up products to look like you are not wearing makeup seems ridiculous too me)

So, having said that, I want to tell you about my experience using some of Pixi’s Skin Treats. I liked the brand initially because it uses natural ingredients and it’s cruelty free which are the most important requisites to me before buying a beauty product.

The products that I’m using are, the Glow Tonic, the Beauty Sleep Cream, and the Rose Oil Blend. My skin is much smoother, it looks better and is always moisturized. The problem here is that I’m too anxious and wanted to use them right away haha, so I haven’t really  used them separately, therefore I can’t tell the effects of each one, but together they are perfect. I have to try them separately and let you know ☺


Well people, I have used them separately and I think the best is (drum roll) the Rose Oil Blend. It moisturizes my skin even more than the Beauty Sleep Cream and I always wake up with glowy skin when I use it at night. The Glow Tonic is my second favorite. Just by smelling it you can notice the natural ingredients in it and it would leave you looking radiant. It doesn’t make you shine like a diamond though, is not like you are wearing super liquid highlighter. And last, about the Beauty Sleep Cream, I have to say that there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that compared to the others, I just prefer them. I hope this was useful ☺