I have wanted to write a post for a while about an issue that concerns me and affects me: beauty standars, body shape and weight. It is real that being skinny is the main goal for many women (at least being thinner than what they are right now) so I think we can all agree that is the predominant beauty standard. Now, that issue gives me a lot to think about, but I want to focus in three main points: 1- It can be an unhealhty beauty standard, specially for teenagers who are the ones more vulnerable to what media says. 2-People assume that if you are skinny it is ok to talk to you about your weight (admire or criticize it) and 3- Because of what I wrote in the first point, a new beauty standard is trying to be imposed, focused on ”real women”.

The first point is just obvious and we all now the effects of anorexia and bullimia, so I want to get into the next two points.

Ok, so you should now first that I have always been skinny, I’m 23 now and since I was 14 or 15 I have gone from a size 0 to a 2 and from 2 to 0 back and forth and that’s the maximum I can change. So given what I said in the second point you can easily guess that people like talking about my body in front of  me all the time and just give their opinions like it doesn’t affect me at all. There are the ones that talk to me like it was an accomplisment being this skinny and like I should be proud, which is stupid because I haven’t done anything to look like this, is just the way I am. And there are also the ones that just criticize me right to my face. Again, I haven’t done anything to look like this, is just the way I am, and those persons doesn’t seem to get that either. This goes on all the time and to be more graphic about how people can treat me I will just tell you that my teacher of the hairdressing course said to me the last day of the course very sarcastically: ”you are getting fatter” and instantly added ”I tell you this beacuse you are skinnier than ever” which by the way wasn’t true, I was just as skinny as always! If after reading this you still don’t see this as a problem think if you would say to someone ”you look fatter than ever”. Telling someone that is skinny is as disrespectful as telling someone that is fat, and it can also affect their self esteem.

Which leads us to the third point. Trying to impose a new beauty standard where ”real women have curves”. Curvy is not a word that defines me, so that means that I’m a fake woman? I’m not even real? These beauty standar also leaves women out, so imposing it is not the solution for the first problem. As I see it the only solution is to end beauty standars so that anyone can be free to be the way they naturally are, maybe it is impossible, maybe it is possible, but is the right thing. We need to accept diversity, we are all different and that’s what makes us beautiful.