(Starting again with a random picture of my left hand and a cute pineapple ring. Wise choices)

Well I said I would be back so don’t get so surprised, ha! Since I stopped posting, the blog basically died and viewers almost disappeared so I’m bringing it back from the dead. I started my thesis so that has kept me busy (I’m still busy).

Hope you like the new look of the blog, I think is better than keep on scrolling down and always seeing the whole posts. With just a title and a featured image you can choose which post to see instead of having to see everything at once. However I think the design can be a little confusing because the titles of the posts are below the featured pictures, just keep that in mind. Maybe is not confusing at all, it’s just that according to my logic, the title should go first and then the picture.

I also have been debating in my mind which direction should I take from now. As I see it, there are two ways to go: either I start writing more about makeup, beauty in general, pictures, fashion or I can use this as a platform to speak my mind about social issues. I don’t wan’t the blog to become too “superficial” or too “political”, so I guess that I will take a third path, and I will try to combine this two broad categories. Some posts might be “superficial” others “socially conscious” or as I done it before I might as well combine both, like I did in the Cruelty-free Makeup post. Don’t get me wrong, I can read about makeup, beauty treatments or fashion all day, so if you like that kind of blogs, perfect! I do too! But as a young woman almost ending college, I think that is important to talk about certain things, because we have opportunities like never before to easily write our opinions and to reach a global audience.

So that’s all I have to say for now. There are so many things that I want to write about, but again, THESIS.

XOXO Me! 😛