Photography is one of my hobbies. I enjoy taking pictures but also finding good ones from other people. So when I discovered last year the ”Your Shot” community of National Geographic I found a place to do that.

2016-07-25 12.10.03

”Your Shot” is basically an Instagram for photographers; professionals or amateurs, everyone is welcome. You have to create a profile and then just start uploading pictures. I think that the best of it is to participate in assignments created by the photographers of National Geographic where they tell you what they expect you to photograph, and if they like your picture it might even get published in the magazine (never happened to me 😝)

I find it awesome to see the work from people from all around the world, and a little crazy when really good photographers find my own pictures to be good.

If you like photography I encourage you to join ”Your Shot”. It doesn’t matter which type of camera you have, some people take amazing pictures using their cellphones, it’s all about the photographer.