Hi! I had disappeared for a while, but I’m back with this new post and not planning to disappear again.

Makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals is known as cruelty-free makeup. I have been a vegetarian (not vegan) for almost 9 years, and even though I’m against any type of aggression to animals, I haven’t really thought about cruelty to them in the makeup industry until recently. The reason why I started using (or trying to use) cruelty-free makeup is that on a trip to Italy on last December I bought the wet n wild CoverAll concealer palette and loved it! That led me to a research into the brand and that’s where I found it was cruelty-free. I knew about the brand but didn’t know that it was sold in my country and at very reasonable prices compared to other brands, so when I found about that I committed myself to wear only cruelty-free products.



What is the status of my mission? Failed. Here is why: It exists a ban on importing cosmetics for personal use in Uruguay, so I can’t have access to any other cruelty-free brand unless I travel. Believe me, I did my research and didn’t find any other good quality brand in the market.

I also tried to replace all the products I use for my daily makeup routine, but I also failed there. I have light and mixed skin so when I find a product that works for me I really don’t want to stop using it. I don’t like super heavy foundations so I fell in love with Maybelline’s BB cream in light, which matches perfectly my skin tone and doesn’t have a high coverage, so my skin still looks natural. I bought a wet n wild foundation in ivory to replace the BB cream but even though it had a light coverage and a natural look, the color was a little to dark for me, and it was harder to blend than Maybelline’s BB cream, so I went back to it.

I recently bought the coverall pressed powder for when I want a less dewy look, and it works wonders. I also love the MegaLast lipsticks because I usually prefer matte lips rather than shinny ones.

My point here is that if there exist cruelty-free makeup brands that can create good quality products and at reasonable prices, why do brands such as L’Oréal still use animals for testing? I really hope that this practice ends one day.